A community-based association with name ‘Track-Nepal’ has been established with aim of operating programs on the base of various effort and participation for moving ahead toward making self-reliant by uplifting backward classes of the society, because the main challenge of 21st century is  the necessity of bringing into the main stream of development to the people who are poor, voiceless, lagged behind and backward, by operating programs of education, health, communication, tourism, environment, skill development, income earning, and service to children and elderly people, for increment of social, fiscal and intellectual awareness in the persons dwelling the remote bucolic area of Nepal falling back due to various causes and reason. This association shall, through collective endeavor, produce, operate and transmit programs useful for the people and development of public awareness, people’s right, public voice and collective development, by mobilizing and making participation of the people of all class and level. Now, therefore, for operating this association without earning profit for collective service and benefit, this statute has been prepared in accordance with Association Registration Act, 1977.

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